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For those of you that joined us at the wedding, this was merely a website to RSVP and look for registrations. Now, we have decided to use our domain to keep family and friends updated. You can always contact us by phone, but for a quick rundown of how things have been going, check out the newest updates below.

This is Anna's fifth year teaching! She is excited about the upcoming school year and ready to meet all her new students. She is staying busy this summer getting interesting new work designed for her class. She is even starting an account on Teachers-Pay-Teachers, so if you're a grade school teacher keep an eye out for her work!

I have just started my own locksmith company and am in full swing as of this last spring! Business is already flowing with steady progress. Visit my website if you'd like to stay up to date. Locksmith Website

We look forward to hearing from you!

Rain & Anna
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